IP Subnet Merge & Deduplicate

How it works

List of IP addresses or subnets in firewalls tend to only grow with time.

This page takes list of CIDRs and removes all duplicates. Each IP address will be taken and compared one-by-one with all other addresses in the list. Duplicates will be removed.

For example, following IP address pairs are duplicates:

1. Identical IP addresses

2. One address is a subnet of another address and can be excluded # is included in /8 and doesn’t need to be in this list

3. Networks are adjacent and can be merged into one (see "Merge adjacent CIDRs" checkbox)

# both can be represented as

Hover on IP addresses in initial list for comments.

Attempts to find CIDR which will cover adjacent networks if possible. Final list may contain networks which were not present in the initial list.
- moved to final list as-is
- invalid IP
- is a duplicate, subnet of another subnet or was squashed